For Sales Development Teams

The Ultimate, Everyday Sales Engagement Tool

SDRs, BDRs, ADRs, LDRs, MDRs, Oh My! We’ve designed a tool for max productivity, for you.

We know what you’re up against, every day

Never enough leads, and you’re not happy with the ones you get. So much work just to research target accounts. Too many apps. Prospect data is fragmented, and you’ve got a bazillion tabs open–none of which talk to one another. Oh yeah, your buyer demands personalization before they even start to pay attention.

Buyers Today

They’re not a number, even if you’ve got to hit yours.  It’s time to re-imagine how to scale outbound prospecting activities–and stay sane. How are you going to beat your competition and still deliver the personalization your would-be customers deserve?

“KiteDesk has made it so easy for us to find potential prospects and leads, in the industry and location we are targeting. The database is so easy to use and navigate.”

– Ally Corsetti, Kount

Numbers game?

Demand Generation and Sales Development still rely on a wide number of activities successfully completed. Some SDR averages to consider:

  • ~2,200 Monthly Communications (Email, Phone, Social, Custom)
  • ~100 Per Day (Email, Phone, Social, Custom)

There’s a fine balance between the amount of time spent personalizing communications and sheer output. We can help you realize the goal of optimizing your approach. 

Fit to the Buyer’s Journey

Your prospects are already armed with internet research, peer reviews, and plenty of sales savvy. You want to be able to meet them where they’re at. Without spending all day trying to figure it out–because, really, who has the time?

You need an edge to stay agile in fast-changing markets, your time is maximized and multiplicative.

I love that I can find the information to the people that I want to speak with very easily. Before I would have to spend time speaking with gatekeeper after gatekeeper to get to the right person. The tool is amazing!!! 

– Dain Bigler, Rakuten Marketing

Routed directly to you 

As part of the Demand Gen Team, KiteDesk can deliver leads right to you. On the back end, we control which prospects show up on the lists you work. This means that you can process inbound leads as easily as outbound. In the same sequenced manner.

Data Enrichment

When you work inside KiteDesk, every prospect screen is loaded with useful information, including:

  • Company–Revenue, Headcount, Headlines, Tech Stack
  • Current Prospects at Company
  • Prospect–Status, Past Activities, Current Activity, CRM Record
  • Quick Action Pad–Email (WYSIWYG), Dialer, Social Template, Shared Calendar

The data at your fingertips empowers you. Less bouncing around the Web to research. You’re never uninformed. Hyper-efficiency is possible.

Bullseye target accounts

Time is money. So source the right contacts from prospect lists that are shared across the organization in a fraction of the time formerly spent prospecting. The ability to filter, refine, and sort results are all built with fast action in mind. 

Leads Everywhere 

KiteDesk is like a bottomless well, where leads match your current ideal customer profile targets—searches are unlimited. Building integrated lead lists takes a few seconds. The power of KiteDesk is in combining matching criteria with available contact information.

Evolving sales with each action

The lists get built. KiteDesk grabs the data for every prospect. Then KiteDesk puts it all together with structured sales sequences. Each activity is directed. You work in blocks: 

  • Call
  • Email
  • Social
  • Custom

State of Flow

It’s easier to transition between similar activities to realize your efficiency superpowers. Because you have templated emails, call scripts, and social messages, all you have to do is personalize from there. No wasted effort or starting from scratch.

Better still — KiteDesk will alert you whenever a response is detected. Our read receipts and link-click analytics enable you to alertly follow-up while a prospect is interacting with your messages. The 1-click Dialer has all the bells and whistles to get you into conversations fast. 

Each action is tracked without you having to log it, and also synced with your CRM. So you can even learn what works–and what doesn’t.  So make the move to KiteDesk and blow past your manager’s expectations.

We’ve got the sales engagement tool of your dreams.

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