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Studies show that only 1/3 of a salesperson’s day is actually spent selling. Everybody knows that researching companies and contacts eats away at your selling time. And, for many salespeople this process is scattershot, haphazard, and distracting.

Combing through web search results to find prospects takes so long you forget what you were looking for. Let’s be honest, too, getting useful email addresses and phone numbers from Google or any social network is just as time-consuming as it is ineffective.

Smarter sales prospecting supports productivity because managing sales leads is inherently time-consuming.

KiteDesk customers build, save, and work targeted lead lists that closely match their target customers.

Ditch the Drudgery

Almost all human beings are wired to chase the shiniest object. This is at odds with working leads in an optimal, organized flow. We all know that inconsistent data entry and haphazard lead tracking seem like a minor annoyance until 100’s of phone numbers are missing from contact records, and you have no idea how you’ve interacted with your sales lead. We’ve all been there.

Why spend your day entering contact records in your CRM? Let KiteDesk do it for you. Why endlessly search your Inbox? We’ll place emails in context. Why ever dial manually? Let our sales dialer do it for you. Sensing a theme here?

Sales Leads Automated

KiteDesk puts the right tools right in front of you at each stage of your lead generation efforts. Plus, you can work in a clean, bright app that is optimized for flow. Oh, and did we mention, you don’t even have to constantly go back and forth with your CRM, either? You can do any sales lead activity right in KiteDesk. This leads to smarter, results-driven sales prospecting.

What are you waiting for?

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