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Companies that put data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions improve ROI by 15-20%


Sales Data Marketplace

Improve your sales efforts with a platform
combining the best of multiple data sources.

Technology profiles for 525,000 companies

Fortune 500 to Small-to-Medium Businesses

2,100 software + hardware technologies

More than 100 tech categories profiled

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News Alerts

Company Revenue, Employee #’s

Categorized news for target companies

News agent scours Acquisitions, Bankruptcy, Restructuring, Job cuts, Expansion, Leadership changes, Litigation, New offerings, Partnernships, R&D


Contact Data

Email addresses and email guessing

Direct dial phone and corporate headquarters lines

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ more social profiles

Built for the Modern Sales Professional

“With KiteDesk, we’ve been able to mine disparate data sources and quickly distill actionable data.”

– Pat Asbra, VP of Sales, PostUp

Integrated for Your Success

Data is never 100% accurate. If you thought about building out a data marketplace from scratch, you’d want to take advantage of the strengths of multiple providers in order to better serve the overall goal of getting the most information about every account or contact, fast.

• Multiple data sources
• Multiple data providers
• All-in-one approach

 *Premium data tiers available above 300 leads per month

Cost Effective Consolidation

• A fraction of the cost of using multiple point solutions (that don’t work together!?!)
• All information sourced real-time + presented in single app
• On-demand lead lists with data at a glance

*Augmented Account data at no charge

Unlimited Targeted Search

• Run as many searches as you’d like across Accounts or Contacts
• Pay for only data you save or export
• Save searches for on-demand prospecting

*Data is constantly updated (no static lead lists!)

Target & Build

  • Company – Industry, Location, Size (Revenues, Employees), or specific accounts.
  • People – Industry, Department, Seniority, Title, Location (Country, State, City, Zip), or specific names.
  • Lists – Saved, Uploaded, Enriched

 *Upload & Enrich limited to 100 contacts at a time.

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