Smarter Sales Engagement

Latest Release – v3.9

Prospect Lists

Less Searching and More Sorting

KiteDesk adds new Prospect sorting and filtering options (Owner, Flow, Date created) for you to source data, quicker. This extends to all your organization’s prospect lists, which can also be pinned for faster retrieval. Search less, sort more. 

Search by Tech Stack 

Big functionality update, including:
* Tech Stack search
* 100 Categories
* 2,200 Hardware and Software technologies profiled
* Join with other Company search criteria for pinpoint targeting

Headlines, Quick Actions 

* Tech Stack information for accounts
* News alerts for prospect accounts
* Account-Based Prospecting features (# per account)
* New prospect page redesign
* Quick actions – Email, Call, FLOWs

Upload & Enrich

You upload your key accounts, we do the rest. This means you get the right contact data for the right people at those accounts. Refine each Lead List in order to work it smartly. You’ll spend less time researching, and more time dialing (or emailing), with purpose.

New! Prospects Dashboard

It’s never been this natural to manage leads — all in one place! With a handy sort function, you can move from the entire Organization’s leads to just your own, and onto various Lead Lists. Prospects comes complete with an ability to update status quickly (Interested?), and now enables bulk actions, such as assigning leads to others on the sales team. Send to CRM or Export to CSV are also available.

What are you waiting for?

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