One Single Screen for Your Sales Development Team

KiteDesk helps sales teams engage with sales leads AND orchestrated emails, callscommunications, and reportsto generate predictable pipeline.

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Take the WORK out of your sales FLOW


Using FLOW means you get a Dialer, Emailer, Scheduler, Lead Router and Analytics altogether. They are combined for today’s busy sales rep– all on one screen– then feeding your CRM for max productivity.

Boost your sales effectiveness immediately, if not sooner.

No switching screens. No extra clicks. No kidding.

Delivering Sales Development Core Features, Effectively

Like a fine conductor, FLOW keeps you in rhythm all day long. Each of your Sales activities are prioritized, automatically.

Let email templates, tracking, and FLOW email features make it possible to send authentic, 1x1 emails that cut through the noise.


Stick the FLOW 1-click dialer into your routine. Watch connect rates rise, call blocks become effective, and sales teams follow-up consistently.


In sales, we all strive to stick to the script, manage the follow-ups, and actually have a predictable process. At the very top of the funnel, though, this is hard because there really aren’t tools truly designed for Sales Development.

Until now, that is.

KiteDesk FLOW offers the ability to set up standardized sequences of events, which happen with each prospect, each time, in the order that best serves the interests of your next customers. We help detect replies and guide follow-ups appropriately.

What’s the value of eliminating the chaos?



They say that 80 percent of life is showing up. Showing up for your next customers means being able to be interruption-driven. To respond to replies, call-backs, connections, and signals of interest.

But wait, can a software system even do this?

Actually, KiteDesk FLOW can. And does, daily. Just think about having your sales team working off of an auto-adjusting ToDo list that can immediately prioritize on the fly. That email you’ve been waiting for?  It’s now at the top of the stack.



Imagine being able to coordinate all the discrete activities of your Sales Development team. So that everyone on the team had a clear idea of messaging, the script, the points of emphasis needed– in each and every communication. 

Isn’t that micromanagement?

Not if it comes without the baggage. KiteDesk FLOW represents the removal of work from WORKFLOW, as you let the system route leads effectively, schedule tasks automatically and load the template, script or pre-formatted calendar, on-demand. So go ahead, schedule your flows in any way you like… FLOW keeps everything on track– for everyone on the team.

What are you waiting for?

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