Master 1-to-1 Sales Emails, without Compromising Scale

Confidently communicate with the right templates for any of your sales process stages, and know if and when your prospect read the email.

Effortlessly deliver truly personalized sales emails.

Enjoy more success than marketing or email automation can provide.


Send This. Now. 

KiteDesk FLOW emails are prioritized, automatically. You don’t even have to think about it.  Never miss a follow-up, again.


Measure Twice (or more), Cut Once.

What works? What gets opened? Let our email opens and click tracking guide your follow-ups.


The Accuracy of Send.

KiteDesk provides premium contact data and email guessing. May you never look upon a Bounced email ever again…!

Follow-Up AND Follow-Through

Shockingly, nearly half of salespeople never follow up with a prospect. And almost 9 in 10 reps stop after 3 contacts.


Don’t let these stats happen to your sales team. 

KiteDesk FLOW does the heavy lifting for you–providing a path towards sequenced communications.

For Every Prospect, Period.

Big Email Features

Email Tracking / Read Receipts – Knowledge is power.  Get notified as soon as an Open, Reply or Link-click occurs. We monitor every email so you can act on prospect behavior, immediately (such as calling direct with the KiteDesk FLOW Dialer).

Email Templates – Select or tailor the best template for the job. Customize and personalize a wide variety of approach, follow-up or introduction emails. Unlimited templating for customized messaging.

Email Verification and Guessing – KiteDesk sources premium data and provides email guessing for those prospect records without emails to give you deliverability confidence.

Email Signature – Create your custom signature for a professional, polished team approach to emails.

Get in the FLOW

Productivity – A unique feature of the KiteDesk FLOW ToDo queue is how emails are surfaced in blocks– so that you can work productively in hyper-focused chunks of time. Which means you don’t have to sacrifice a personal, sincere approach to 1-to-1 emails, thus ensuring more worthwhile, targeted communications that prospects respond to.

Notifications – Email responses, bounces and Out of Office notifications are surfaced proactively. Your response time just got dramatically shorter.

Pause on Inbound – KiteDesk FLOW is also built to stop a given FLOW when you get a response, so that you’re not still sending messages to contacts you’ve already succeeded in getting the attention of!


Complete Threading

As you might expect, KiteDesk FLOW knows that to be super-productive in sales requires freeing one’s mind from Who did What When? The human brain is simply not great at remembering minute details–especially across 100+ different prospects.

And why should it be?

KiteDesk can provide a complete history in milliseconds– Of all prospect activity, including emails.



Direct to CRM

All actions taken in KiteDesk FLOW sync automatically to Salesforce CRM. You can rest assured all the emails sent by any sales rep in KiteDesk will map to Salesforce on Lead, Contact, Account objects.

This is especially helpful as Leads turn into Opportunities — with a complete activity history attached. Your Closers enjoy the fruits of all the labors that went into generating the appointment, demo or qualified meeting.

What are you waiting for?

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