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Tired of wasting time in that stuffy old CRM?


Access millions of leads through multiple data providers. Avoid duplicating leads that already exist in your CRM. Receive contextual information on those leads so you minimize research time.

Learn How KiteDesk Helps You Prospect


Harness the powerful relationships that already exist within your company. Using our company connections search feature, you can set specific criteria for relationships that you’d like to uncover.

Learn How KiteDesk Helps You Connect

You can tell that this platform was built for sales people by sales people.


Through our Action Lists, you can now build custom lists that help you sell. All of the actions you take on those lists are automatically logged so you don't have to waste valuable sales time updating your CRM.

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Start your day off productively by browsing our Today View. Here you will find all the important data you need to sell. Emails, tasks, meetings and opportunities all in one place.

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Sales Reps

Stop wasting precious sales time toggling between unconnected systems like Email, CRM and Social Media. With KiteDesk all the information you need is right at your finger tips.

Learn How KiteDesk Helps Sales Reps

Sales Managers

Increase your team productivity through the KiteDesk unified Sales Interface. Your team can research new leads, find existing connections and complete their daily activities all in one easy to use interface.

Learn How KiteDesk Helps Sales Managers

Marketing Manager

Align marketing with sales through the KiteDesk platform. Here you can purchase lead lists, assign them to sales, and ensure that the leads are contacted, all while keeping your campaigns and CRM up to date.

Learn How KiteDesk Helps Marketing Managers

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