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KiteDesk takes only minutes to install but will save you countless hours by streamlining the way you research leads, uncovering thousands of new connections into any account, and by automating the never ending task of updating salesforce.

Discover the Power of Social Selling

In simple terms, social selling is the process of helping social buyers become customers. But it requires the use of carefully crafted strategies to achieve success. KiteDesk’s software for businesses can enhance your ability to leverage your social networks and grow your social connections.

By aggregating the social graph of your entire team or company, the KiteDesk social sales plugin will explode your professional network to expose millions of connections that stretch far beyond your LinkedIn profile.


KiteDesk social media selling tools give you actionable sales intelligence in a timely manner so you can maximize every sales opportunity. Our plugin is capable of scoring untapped connections based on communication frequency, previous meetings, number of social networks, past employment and much more.

KiteDesk’s intelligent connection scoring will alert you to key connections to help you find the fastest path into any account.

More on Social Selling

Reduce Your Prospecting Time & Effort by 70%

How much time does your salesforce spend on prospecting for business instead of closing the deal? The right B2B social selling solutions can enable your sales team to connect with more qualified buyers in less time, resulting in greater productivity.

KiteDesk enhances the efficiency of sales prospecting with social media. Locate profiles of individuals and companies and import them to Salesforce with a single mouse click.

The KiteDesk plugin enables you to prospect using social selling via 12 different criteria. Prospect from LinkedIn or any other website you choose.

Search our database of millions of companies and contacts to find exactly the right person to reach with phone numbers, email addresses & social links.Our social media sales prospecting tool enables you to categorizes and view the profiles as leads, contacts or accounts.









We leverage the industries top data providers and give you access in one simple search.


View details of companies and people from prospect websites & LinkedIn


No more typing. One click to save complete leads, contacts & accounts.

Salesforce – Always Up To Date & Everywhere You Are

Salesforce is one of the most effective tools for social selling. The KiteDesk plugin allows you to maximize all the benefits that Salesforce has to offer.

Tired of logging in and out of Salesforce? KiteDesk’s in-browser tools allow you to access and update Salesforce from anywhere at any time. Now you can view and edit Salesforce without switching tabs.

KiteDesk automatically pre-fills Salesforce for you, eliminating the time and hassle of keying in data. You’ll have clean, easily accessible data in one location.

The KiteDesk business social selling plugin allows you to customize Salesforce data based on type, industry, lead source and more.


Add or update accounts, contacts & leads. View current information from Salesforce from any page.


Log a call, add a task, create a note. Keeping Salesforce up to date is easy and pain free.


Discover how much easier and productive it can be to use social media for selling. Try KiteDesk today on a no-risk basis by taking advantage of our free trial offer. You’ll be amazed at the way our plugin will enhance your social media selling techniques and boost your company’s sales results.

No Server Installation Required.

Install the Plugin

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Team Connect

KiteDesk’s free, simple, opt-in application lets your entire team connect their email, social and CRM accounts to create a shared pool of contacts & relationships.


Enhance Your Data Strategy

The data you purchase today comes from one source, and is often missing details or is out of date. KiteDesk offers millions of high quality, always up to date contacts and automatically puts them in your CRM.


Improve Pipeline Visibility

No one likes updating Salesforce, but having shared visibility into the activities and details for each account improves pipeline visibility and performance. Let KiteDesk simplify or automate the process.


Actionable Sales Intelligence

Events happen every day that drive sales opportunities. KiteDesk helps teams to stay informed by giving them visibility into many channels of information and automatic alerts that drive action.