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Operations: New Challenges

Operations Teams are facing new challenges (and new opportunities) on all fronts. In today’s landscape, the right processes are essential. Management needs accurate forecasts. Marketing needs more, better data. Salespeople require the best tools, the optimal sales stack. Your methods and systems must manage growth and meet quotas. Measurement is critical.

Optimized for Engagement

KiteDesk is optimized to help teams with account targeting and effective sales engagement. There’s a process inherent to using our platform. From sourcing new leads using our databases to uploading and enriching lead lists that are the heart of Account-Based Prospecting, to grabbing leads off web pages, quickly and easily, we’ve optimized for volume without sacrificing quality.

When it comes to then engaging any of those prospects–we’ve designed a workflow complete with full accountability, tracking, routing, and scheduling. We help you source, qualify, and fill pipelines with new prospects

– Michael GriebenowMarketing and Sales Operations Expert, Vidyard

Boost Your Sales Stack 

KiteDesk integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM. We offer sync every 3 minutes, without overloading API limits. Our mapping ability–including custom fields–can also be tied to action triggers for creating elegant workflows. Examples at the front-end of your revenue process include creating new prospects from web-to-lead forms, starting Flows, and assigning reps.

Examples at the front-end of your revenue process include creating new prospects from web-to-lead forms, starting Flows, and assigning reps. Examples at the back of a Flow include the ability to convert to contacts, assign to reps, and create tasks in Salesforce. There are plenty of other use-cases that can be accessed throughout, to provide maximum efficiency to your own process.

“KiteDesk has been a complete game changer for our sales process.”

KiteDesk Customer Stephen Bernstein at NTG2

Engage in an Instant

KiteDesk also streamlines outreach by providing email templates to meet the personalization needs of today’s buyer. Save and share. Each email comes with custom signatures and works on a 1X1 level, not a batch send – delivering all the benefits of real human communication, personalization, and sincerity. You can count higher conversion rates from our email tracking service, also known as read receipts, in order to time follow-ups appropriately.

Visibility and Forecasts

KiteDesk Reports are easily accessed, simple to understand, and can be broadly shared. By running our sales engagement platform, you’ll have access to every sales activity, every prospect list, each key trend.

Deep Dive 

KiteDesk Reports eliminate the false choice of sacrificing granularity. Each report generated offers the ability to click for deeper, individualized information. The benefits of having summary data and singular account information is the best of all worlds. 

Each report generated can be tuned by time period–as little as a day, or more convenient monthly or weekly views. Reports can be saved as custom views (unlimited) and delivered automatically via as PDF files. 

In Your Corner, On Your Team

KiteDesk products form a connected solution for data-driven insights. Nothing falls through the cracks when every call or email is synced to the CRM. For today’s sales team, information is the new currency. Visibility is the hallmark of efficiency.

Control Your Top of Funnel Processes

Operations faces unique challenges– but is rife with opportunities. Use our sales engagement solution to take full advantage.

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