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Fast-growing sales organizations count on KiteDesk to fill their funnel. With KiteDesk, your pipeline just got a lot more predictable

Byron West, President, HireVelocity

Forecast: Full Pipelines

The goal of successful sales development efforts is more qualified meetings. This is arguably the most controllable part of the sales process, as the inputs are the right target accounts and organized sales engagement– both of which KiteDesk can provide.

Predictable Pipeline

Outbound teams with their sales cadence established and high-quality lists in hand, can achieve more qualified meetings, day in and day out. All else equal, more qualified meetings, mean more opportunities, mean greater net new revenue.

What would it mean to your sales organization if your sales development team could predictably fill pipelines?

Competitive Advantage

With KiteDesk, you move from the unknown to the known known. Your sales development team has relevant activities right in front of them. The ToDo queue is never empty. Which matters because time on task is key to penetrating accounts you need to win.

Well Managed

Can software reliably guide selling? Just ask KiteDesk customers who’ve transformed their business through sales engagement. Consistency and reliability of approach are key, and instituting both at the top of the funnel used to be hard. No more.

You’ll see the difference in weekly trend reports, monthly activity metrics, and the correlated number of opportunities in your CRM.

“With KiteDesk, we’ve seen a massive increase in pipeline generation. If fast, easy and effective is your goal – KiteDesk can help you get there… Fast.”

Michael Orefice, Direct of Sales, Stratifyd


Never ask your sales team to administrate.  

No sales team using KiteDesk spends their valuable time updating records manually.  When opportunity strikes, they can make the most of every lead and act immediately.

We’ve got your back — the system is synced with your CRM, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Use the full power of KiteDesk to take productivity to a whole new level. Don’t waste time messing with your systems– spend your time coaching your team… Then watch your salespeople succeed with their quotas, because the tools in their process are sound.

“I’ve saved my company 100’s of thousands of dollars and built out a streamlined process around KiteDesk.”

Hyunjin Lee, Head of Account Development, Rakuten Marketing

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