Fill Pipelines. Grow Revenues. Meet Quotas.

With KiteDesk FIND, all the prospectors on your team just struck gold.
Fast-growing sales organizations count on KiteDesk to fill their funnel – see for yourself.

Quotes I’ve saved my company 100’s of thousands of dollars

and built out a streamlined process around Kitedesk. quotes-2

Hyunjin Lee, Head of Account Development, Rakuten Marketing


FIND the Right Leads.

Lead Generation is hard. It’s time-consuming. But it’s necessary to the health of your business. When you bring KiteDesk FIND into the mix, your team gets and works the right targets, with focus, as efficiently as possible.

Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales

Outbound teams can build instantaneous high-quality lists that match your target customer with our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) tool. Inbound teams can Enrich current accounts with the right contact information and start outreach immediately.

Using KiteDesk’s ever-present Chrome Extension and features like Account-Based Prospecting means your people can work effectively anywhere they travel across the Web — as quickly as they need to go. Imagine your team’s productivity when you have an on-demand list of targets. It’s a scalable lead generation process!

Reach the Right Prospects.

Now your team can immediately take action when they find the right prospects. No app-switching necessary. From the built-in 1-click Dialer to the library of email templates— it’s all right there. And of course you can monitor read receipts, links clicked, and record calls for training and coaching.

Quotes The ability for my team to add a new lead or contact with only 1 click makes them

far more efficient than if they had to manually enter the data. quotes-2


Drew Lawrence, Director of Business Development, FullContact, Inc.


Sales Management, Reimagined.

Use the full power of KiteDesk to take productivity to a whole new level. Watch your salespeople succeed with quotas, because they always have data they need most — a phone number and an email address. When opportunity strikes, they can make the most of every lead and act immediately. We’ve got your back — the system is synced with your CRM, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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