For Marketers

Target the Right Accounts. Route Leads. Track Throughout.

Effective Marketing starts with the ability to source the right companies and contacts. KiteDesk makes demand gen work, with visible results

“We have the ability to build campaigns around very specific job titles, which has greatly enhanced our target marketing.”

Richard Longo, Director of Marketing, Flycast Partners

FIND the Right Accounts

Lead Generation is hard. It’s time-consuming. But every marketer knows it’s necessary to the health of your business. Hiring KiteDesk means your organization will never long for leads again.

Source Smartly

KiteDesk gives you the opportunity to set up Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) in saved searches across multiple data providers.  You can use demographic data such as job titles, firmographic data like revenues, or technographic data like software used–or any combination of these–to discover your ideal prospects. Imagine your team’s productivity when you’re able to regularly provide on-demand lists of targets. It’s scalable demand generation.

Route Leads to the Right Rep

When Inbound prospects raise their hands with interest in your product or service, the right person on your team can immediately take action. No app-switching necessary.

With KiteDesk’s 1-click Dialer to the library of email templates provided, it’s all right there for reps to interact quickly and consistently. Everyone knows that a fast, prepared response to leads is a major determinant in closed won business. Don’t let deals die from inattention.

Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales

Service current accounts with the right contact information and start outreach immediately. It’s a consistent approach, every time.

“The ability for my team to add a new lead or contact with only 1 click makes them far more efficient than if they had to manually enter the data”

–Drew Lawrence, Director of Business Development, FullContact, Inc.

Visibility for Marketing

KiteDesk provides you with an updated view of how successful sales is at turning prospects into opportunities.  You can see across the entire team or individually by rep:

  • Active Accounts
  • Worked (Total # and % of Active)
  • Disqualified (Total # and % of Worked)
  • Engaged (Total # and % of Worked)
  • Meetings Generated (Total # and % of Worked)
  • Qualified (Total # and % of Engaged)

This is a view most marketers never see– the cohort and individual data on prospects in the conversion funnel. Using KiteDesk provides visibility into the demand gen at all levels. 

Improved Messaging

One of the great benefits of visibility into the top of the funnel, across campaigns, is the ability to adjust messaging, constantly optimizing for what works.

Using templated communications to each prospect ensures consistency. With an orchestrated process, you can count on increased conversion rates.

Optimal Brand Positioning for Sales

Better still, marketing can create the core messages at the heart of email templates or phone scripts. Inside the coordinated sales steps, known as Flows, marketing and sales teams come together as marketing provides or approves messages at the heart of each step.

Master Demand Gen with KiteDesk.


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