70% of companies outgrowing their competitors are using Sales Automation…


Complete Sales Automation

Scale your sales efforts with a platform
built to produce predictable pipeline.

Identify your best targets— 300 leads per month come standard.

Add more anytime.

Never pay for inaccurate lead data.

Build lead lists quickly.

Route leads based on triggers.

Schedule FLOWs in your own voice, messaging.

Get instant sales alerts for prospects.

Take personalization to the next level with sequenced cadences.

Understand every campaign, from lead list to qualified meetings booked.

Sync with CRM for full lifecycle reporting.

Optimize response and connect rates with event analytics

Detect replies, pause FLOWs, manage follow-ups

Massive Pipeline Results Demand An Incredible Tool

“80% of sales require 5 follow-ups” but “48% of sales never follow up with a lead”
Change the game with KiteDesk FLOW like these customers!

Integrated for Your Success

*We work with all major

• Office productivity apps
• Social apps
• Multiple data providers

*Use standalone or deeply integrated with CRM.

Easy-To-Adopt Functionality

• A ready-made platform for sales development.
• Intuitive features like WYSIWYG email editor and 1-click dialer.
• You get the best results, fast.

Free, Helpful, Unlimited Support

• Unlimited support, 100% free, by chat or email or phone.
• Trained, friendly staff who understand sales and tech.
• Learn from articulate onboarding— plenty of Best Practices!

Cost Effective Consolidation

• A fraction of the cost of using point solutions that don’t work together.
• No hidden costs or catches.
• 5X the functionality for 1/5 the price.

What are you waiting for?

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