Complete Sales Engagement

A comprehensive suite for top-of-the-funnel marketing & sales

What KiteDesk does for Teams

Your team can now scale outbound sales — and succeed at uncovering qualified leads and work them appropriately.

Sales Managers love KiteDesk because their team’s pipelines fill up fast — and it’s a simple matter to use prospect assignment to send prospects directly to the rep best suited to take action.

Clean data, yet little data entry…

Visibility, not minutiae…

Downright independence and satisfaction…

The intelligent way to prospect

Where do you go every day? Because KiteDesk is right there!  This includes our Web App, a Chrome Extension, and Search Toolbar. We load quickly and provide useful information on prospects in line with your: Web searches, social network prospecting, company research, CRM, and email inbox.

You’ll get used to seeing the Kite Extension-Kite-Red3 flying with you across your entire digital day. The Kite becomes a symbol of who’s who and what’s what—where your sales read is immediate and your actions are, too.

What does KiteDesk do for me?

You become a better prospector. And let’s be honest, in sales, when you have a mainline to new Leads, you hold the power.

You’re searching less, but better…
You’re researching leads, but faster…

You’re reaching out, but with fewer steps…

You’re becoming a sales Samurai with skills that each salesperson must master.

What KiteDesk Delivers

You need dependable Email Addresses and Phone Numbers to take action on prospects, and KiteDesk FIND gives you reliable access to both. The KiteDesk FIND verification process searches across millions of continuously updated records to find contact phone numbers and emails. No wasted effort. High deliverability. Uninterrupted workflow.

 Your research request is our command.

So, as you build a 21st Century Sales Stack, the choice you make at the top of the funnel is critical. Only KiteDesk gives you an unfair advantage—More Leads, less work.

What are you waiting for?

Hire the right tool, and your sales team will reward you for it!

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