Automated Phone Dialer.

Loaded with Features.

KiteDesk FLOW offers the ability to 1-click call any prospect from a local phone number for greater connect rates. Come prepared with pre-loaded scripts. Then save time with voicemail drops, call recording, dispositions, and call logging.

Power at your fingertips– far less work for more qualified meetings.


Script & Log each call. Enjoy the benefits of having everything in one place. Disposition rankings, too.


Save time calling in blocks with the KiteDesk FLOW ToDo queue. No more searching for direct dials, either.


Watch connection rates rise on calls with local presence in the prospects’ own area code. Bridge calls as needed.

Dialer Delivers, Daily

Can it really be this effortless to move from call-to-call with everything you need right in front of you?

The KiteDesk FLOW softphone dialer is set-up on each prospect profile– you have a script, details and the ability to log important details.

FLOW lives up to the name, as you get into a sales call rhythm. 

Voicemail Drops


Record up to 10 different drops to use when being sent to voicemail. This little timesaver is worth its weight in gold in longer call blocks. It takes the pain out of staying on-message and makes your entire sequence more effective.

Power through, smartly.

Now Recording

For those who have figured out that you can become immeasurably better at sales calls simply by hitting record, then reviewing your performance. Sales Managers will find this aspect of sales coaching to be time well spent.

Each recording can be stored in your CRM, too.

Master the basics to become a superior seller.

Get Local

The local presence feature of KiteDesk FLOW is your edge. The ability to show (415) or (212) or any other area code makes each outreach that much more likely to get an answer.

A phone system designed with the sales rep squarely in mind…


A Virtual SwitchBoard in Your Browser

On a single screen, you can 1-click dial while viewing your prospect’s profile, their company information and your own call log (take notes).

It’s a handy central place for your entire outbound lead generation efforts.

Softphone Features:
• Bridging
• Routing
• Click-to-Call
• Call Recording
• Sync to CRM

What are you waiting for?

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