What’s Your Routine?

With FLOW, It’s Automatic!

Picture the perfect state of sales FLOW–where all your ToDo’s are prioritized, daily. Where you’re never overwhelmed, yet the schedule is never empty. Better still–you don’t have to create those ToDo’s. Bye-bye, busywork–sales development won’t miss you.

Notifications. Meetings. Email. Calls. Social. Custom Activities. All organized and orchestrated for you.


Like a fine conductor, FLOW keeps you in rhythm all day long. Activities are prioritized, automatically.


Organize your activities around pre-planned FLOWs (sequences of events) that lead to sales results.


Everything gets tuned to the time zone of your prospects. Imagine that, a smart scheduler.

The End-Game? Qualified Meetings on the Calendar.

Scheduling qualified meetings, appointments, or Demo’s for your closers is just an integrated Calendar away.  KiteDesk FLOW makes this step in the process–arguably the most important outcome for Sales Development–super easy. Just pull up your team’s schedules and book ’em, regularly.

No switching screens. No extra clicks. No kidding.

Prospects Populate FLOWs

Maybe one of the most underrated aspects of using KiteDesk FLOW is just how easy it is to take prospects right into a highly coordinated series of sales touches–known as FLOWs–that are geared towards producing favorable sales outcomes.

As you think through your lead generation efforts, KiteDesk provides both the necessary leads, as well as the mapping, routing, and lead management features you need to follow-up and follow-through effectively.
It isn’t magic. It’s smart, coordinated software and your sales team producing results.

Interruption-Driven? You Bet.

In Sales Development, it’s all about the interruption. You absolutely want the callback. The email reply. The read receipt. And you should also then want a system that gets you that information to act on it in a timely manner–while your prospect is interested.

KiteDesk FLOW pops these Notifications right into your ToDo queue. Your Lead Response Time? Fastest draw in the west, partner.
Get notified as INTEREST happens. Watch engagement rates rise!

Built to Handle Multi-Step FLOWs


The KiteDesk FLOW ToDo queue mixes and manages multiple sales touch scenarios. You can create sequences of events, often between 12 – 16 interactions in a given time period, while FLOW manages how you execute those communications. Rest assured that your sales team is taking the right actions, on the right channel, at the right time.


What are you waiting for?

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