All the Leads and the Optimal Way to Work Them

Introducing KiteDesk FIND + FLOW

Add this unbeatable combo to your sales development team… Then watch results happen.  With KiteDesk FIND you’re never short on high-quality leads + using KiteDesk FLOW means converting those leads effectively.  

It’s easy to adopt a sales system that produces predictable pipeline. 


Lead cards include– Validated emails, direct dial phone #’s, social profiles and company background.


Routing leads to the right sales rep, immediately, with notifications and triggers. INBOUND & OUTBOUND.


Every communication channel is covered, with predictable steps at each stage, for consistent sales interactions.

A Steady Stream of On-Demand Leads

Most organizations struggle with lead generation. The answer is having the right software for their sales reps, so that the true potential of your team can be maximized.

Attack the #1 problem… Head on.

Predictable Sales Process Matters


Having a repeatable process drives sales growth. Implementing KiteDesk FLOW brings predictability, organization, and control, as each sales activity is both effortlessly prioritized for the sales rep, and invisibly tracked in the system (and synced to your CRM, too!).

More high-value selling activities, less administration. Results are the result.

Clean Handoffs & Routing  

Building a lead list in KiteDesk FIND enables Prospects to move right into a KiteDesk FLOW. Sales reps can work their own lead lists and not miss a beat… Or use the bulk assignment features to coordinate among the team.

Routing from other systems, including, is available. Any field can be mapped, triggers assigned and rules for those triggers enforced. Leads can be routed automatically to the right rep in the right territory.

The system offers a leak-proof method of lead management. 

Consolidate and Save

KiteDesk offers companies an attractive choice of eliminating tools poorly designed for Inside Sales use (spreadsheets, post-it notes, simple office productivity), as well as spot tools that don’t do enough to justify the investment.

By offering everything from Sales Intelligence to Lead List building to Upload & Enrich to Email Templates & Tracking to a Dialer to Analytics and even a Mapper to route every lead– There is no stone unturned in a single offering specifically designed for Sales Development.

Control. Organization. Flexibility. Predictability.



What are you waiting for?

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