KiteDesk FIND

On-Demand Sales Leads

Like no other lead generation software.

Why mess around with tired, outdated lists? FIND, filter and save your sales leads — in no time at all. Generate leads with sales data like validated emails, phone numbers, social profiles, latest headlines, even tech stack data– to reach the right people at the right accounts.

KiteDesk FIND is:

A Web Application and a Chrome Extension for lead generation

KiteDesk travels with you across the Web– helping you prospect EVERYWHERE. Go ahead, harvest leads from wherever you’re at. KiteDesk then makes creating lead lists painless and complete with phone, email, social, company demographics, news, and software used. Useful information smart prospectors.

Sales Leads Screen in KiteDesk FIND

Prospects Screen

All your leads, all in one place– a prospector’s dream, for sure. View the leads for your entire sales team or just individually owned leads. We also give you the tools you need to detect dupes and leads you may already be working. You can Assign Leads individually, or in bulk too.

It’s a handy central place for your entire company’s outbound lead generation efforts.

Lead List Builder

Imagine on-demand sales leads and an easy way to build lists: Save as many profiles as you want, matching your ICP. Refine and filter as needed, paying only for premium data delivered.

Push into your CRM. Export to CSV. Set prospects into a FLOW. As many ways to manipulate leads as you need. Say hello to flexible lead generation that gets you sales results.

Sales Leads in List View

Use an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

KiteDesk supports a modern path to your best prospects. Pick your future customers visually — by region, company size, seniority level, department, industry, keyword, revenue, # of employees, and more.

It’s better because it’s quicker and more accurate.

Account-Based Prospecting 

Start with accounts you want to land. You know your targets, so we get you to the right people. Then we show you each lead you’re working at a given company. 

Our Upload & Enrich feature finds the right people at the accounts you choose. It’s a quick way to take a list and make it workable. From zero to 60 mph sales outreach. Plenty of horsepower.

Prospect Assignment

Coordinate your entire sales team’s prospecting work. Managers now route leads with a click of a button. Prospecting tasks find their way to the team member most suited to reach out to each prospect. Go ahead, generate a lead list, then choose the right representative to work the lead.

Prospect Sorting

Sometimes you just need to quickly sort prospects by Name, Title, Organization, or by their Last Activity. Let us cut that work in half (or more…!).

KiteDesk FIND also immediately identifies those prospects you’ve marked as ActiveInterested, or Needs Review. It’s a smarter lead list than any you’ve ever worked before.

Premium Sales Data

See accurate phone numbers, social profiles, and email addresses for prospects. Accurate data is key so you don’t waste time sending to the wrong email address or misdialing numbers.

All across millions of continuously updated records. 

What are you waiting for?

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