Use InsideView for Lead Generation - KiteDesk Integration
Use FullContact for Lead Generation - KiteDesk integration

Best Lead Gen + Tools

KiteDesk FIND enables high-level lead generation with tools already in your workflow. We also bring together best-in-class data from multiple data providers in a single platform for:

  • People search (email, phone)
  • Account-Based Prospecting (Company search, background)
  • Social Media profile information
  • Email Deliverability (verification %’s)
  • Import + Data Enrichment
  • CRM Data

KiteDesk sorts, scrubs and layers this data for maximum usability and effectiveness, enabling a rich single view for sales prospecting.

Office Productivity

KiteDesk provides native integration into your mail, calendar and contacts for GMail, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.

Each email or calendar event is bi-directionally synced so that you have a complete history when interacting with prospects… And booking more qualified meetings!

KiteDesk FIND Data Providers

KiteDesk sources information from top providers, including:

By providing a variety of providers in our data marketplace, KiteDesk FIND is able to source reliable Company and People information on any prospect. Start now– use the power of data to your advantage in your lead generation.


KiteDesk features a deep integration with the world’s most popular CRM—Salesforce.

KiteDesk works with Salesforce by leveraging the Salesforce API (Application Programming Interface), and is now a certified app in the SalesForce AppExchange.

We support full bi-directional sync with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions.

Additionally, we integrate with other CRMs via file export.

KiteDesk and Social Networks

KiteDesk sources information from top social channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Klout
  • AngelList

In addition, within KiteDesk are quick locate buttons to jump to the social account of any prospect. Go ahead, leverage the social graph in your prospecting activities.

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