Sales Development Dashboards Never Looked So Good (or so Useful)

In modern sales organizations, we see Sales Development shifting from purely tactical to more strategic sales roles– crucial to driving revenue growth.

As such, sales leaders are investing in thoughtful go-to-market activities. KiteDesk FLOW analytics and reporting provide clarity on activities that produce predictable pipeline.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”- Peter Drucker


Key Performance Indicators – Real-time indicators across the entire Sales Development team.


Team Performance – Coaching was never this easy– Now a window on every sales rep, every prospect, every activity.


FLOW, Email & Call Performance. Which sequences, templates, scripts are working? Let the numbers guide you!

A Method to Measure 

KiteDesk FLOW gives your sales development team something NEW– reports and analytics gathered off their actual activities.

Best part? You don’t need to spend time on data entry to produce those reports, nor the data. Imagine that! A dashboard that’s useful and won’t require sales carrots or sticks to simply use.


Reports Sell Software

This age-old truism is no different with KiteDesk FLOW. Think of us offering the ‘WorkFLOW of the Future’ as part of event-driven platform. Your sales reps’ work is automatically logged, counted and then reported on with our Analytics package.

We consume events from activities and ingest these to our database. The result are Key Performance IndicatorsTeam Performance, and FLOW, Email and Call Performance dashboards.

FLOW in the Future


The current KiteDesk FLOW dashboards are just the beginning. We’ve partnered with GoodData to grow our analytics offerings rapidly.

Contact us for more information about creating custom dashboards for your sales development team.


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