How KiteDesk Serves Sales

See what happens when Sales Prospecting Software is done right. We start with the idea that you should have immediate access to millions of Leads with high-quality data attached. Then we’ve added a Chrome Extension that lets you prospect anywhere you go across the web… From company websites to social networks and everywhere in between. Pull leads fast!


Focus on Your Ideal Prospects

Finding your ideal customer is the modern path to your best prospects. With our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) tool, you pick your customer with our visual interface. Search by:

  1. Locations: Countries, States, Regions, Cities, Zip Codes
  2. Organization: Name, Industries, Keyword, Size (Revenue, Number of Employees)
  3. Person: Name, Department, Seniority, Title KiteDesk lets you search smartly–and quickly.

Premium Data Always at Hand

Any lead retrieved by KiteDesk will automatically be profiled, where we look to return:


Fast prospecting supports productivity because lead generation is inherently time-consuming. KiteDesk customers build, save, and work targeted lead lists that closely match their target customers.

It’s an airtight system— and you won’t see it anywhere else.

Prospect Within Your Accounts

You start with a company, then drill down into that organization. Our interface gets you to ideal prospects within the companies you target, and straight to the decision makers, immediately.  Save custom Profiles for use with each new company search.

Account-based prospecting is a revenue generator.

Essential Data: Phone & Email

You need data at your fingertips. Verified Email Addresses, direct dial Phone Numbers, and ready access to social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+) to research, then take action on your prospects.

Go grab prospects, email them and track it all in each system you use!

Support and Focus for Crucial Activities

KiteDesk eliminates barriers to action. There are no wasted clicks, no waiting to work your Leads. The goal is to put on one screen what takes other tools a dozen clicks to achieve. Ditch ineffective spreadsheets and expensive list buying.

Instead, choose a system where everything works together to save you clicks, scrolls, tab creep, and hassle.

KiteDesk provides an all-in-one prospecting system

KiteDesk Works with Your CRM

KiteDesk and Salesforce CRM are fully integrated. Any Lead or Contact in KiteDesk– and all actions performed on that person — are pushed to Salesforce automatically.  This includes:

  1. Automatic notification signals of status in your CRM
  2. Save to CRM (including Bulk Import)
  3. Automatic checking for data de-duplication
  4. Ability to convert records into Leads or Contacts
  5. Search within CRM
  6. Upcoming Meetings, Tasks, Messages, and Opportunities
  7. Call, Activity logging

What are you waiting for?

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