We Get You to the Best Sales Leads—Fast!

1. Discovery across millions of quality leads
2. Verified phone numbers, emails, social profiles for each prospect
3. A predictable, regular method of prospecting– leads on-demand, daily

Multiple Ways to Search

KiteDesk FIND helps you steer your sales flow in multiple ways:  through our Web App and Chrome Extension. Each offers ways to run Premium Searches for specific Contacts across:

Organizations: Name, Industries, Size (Revenues, # of Employees)

People: Name, Department, Title

Locations: Countries, States, Regions, Cities, Zip Code Search


Right Time, Right Screen

KiteDesk presents you with the right information, at the right time, on one screen. More accurate data, less frustration (research presented to you, no redundancies) and maybe most importantly, you get it FAST. What used to take 90 seconds, now takes 2 seconds. We could say this is a 4,400% improvement, but you know it’s just a LOT LESS WASTED TIME!Salespeople who prospect 2 hours a day cut their time dramatically. Less time prospecting with better output.

Better sales prospecting that saves you time and earns you money.

KiteDesk FIND: Target Your Ideal Customer

The KiteDesk Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) tool is the modern path to your best prospects. Select your targets quickly — by region, company size, seniority level, department, industry, keyword, revenue, # of employees, and more. Then Save those searches and re-run as a filter against new lists. It’s better because it’s quicker. Build, save, and work your prospects lists, including from inside your Accounts. It’s airtight — and you won’t see it anywhere else.

Get to the right people, faster.

Go Anywhere with the Chrome Extension

Imagine you are on a targeted Account’s “About Us” page. With the KiteDesk Chrome extension, you can highlight the name of any member(s) of the Management Team and KiteDesk goes out and finds their email and phone number, enables you to dial or email them right there, adds them to your CRM,  and tracks everything all in one fell swoop.

Account-Based Prospecting at its finest. Imagine the clicks saved!

Sales Flow Among Your Indispensable Apps

KiteDesk prospecting works seamlessly with email, calendar, Google searches,  or your CRM. We make all of these tools flow better with your most critical task — prospecting — is time-consuming (and time is money). Ever run a search into your CRM? Better be prepared for time-wasting clicks and scrolling, even when you’ve structured it well! Choose the optimal tool for lead generation. Use KiteDesk.

Premium Data from Multiple Sources

Prospecting on the Web and Professional Social Networks are promising prospecting methods, but without the vitals —  emails and phone numbers — your prospect is still frustratingly out of reach. Cutting and pasting all day isn’t a viable option for anyone.

KiteDesk changes this by providing reliable data across the widest possible number of Contacts. Give us a name and an organization and we’ll go find the right email address complete with a percentage match across millions of continuously updated records.

It’s almost magic how much time you save without the guessing  email addresses or hunting for elusive phone numbers.

Control your own time and efforts.

With KiteDesk, you have new people to talk to. All you want. Not just any people — the right people.
Make that critical first contact.

We’ve created a tool that gives the Do-It-Yourself (DiY) power to you.

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