Our Promise to You

We deliver measurable results for revenue teams. Our software introduces predictability to your pipeline. Every account comes with our famous KiteDesk customer service and onboarding.


KiteDesk FIND

Smarter Account Targeting

$1,000 Seat / Year

(3-seat minimum)



• 300 Leads Per Month Included (3,600 Annually)*

• Unlimited Prospect Search, List Builder

• Chrome Extension – Add Leads from Websites


• Account-Based Search (Search Company Revenues, Headcount, Geo, Industry, Tech Stack)

• Tech Stack (100 Categories / 2,200 Hardware & Software Titles)

• Direct Dials, Corporate Phone, Emails, Social Profiles

• On-Demand Data – Updated Regularly

• Credits Applied for Any Inaccurate Data

• Upload & Enrich (CSV)


• Multiple Search Criteria, Multiple Data Providers

• Ideal Client Profile Builder – Saved Searches

• Easy Data Export of Lists, Contacts

• Sort fields easily, Pin lists for easy retrieval


• Bulk Lead Assignment, Prospect Ownership, Shared Prospect Lists

• Convert to Lead, Contact in Salesforce (Bi-Directional Sync)

*Premium Data available above base package

KiteDesk FLOW

Sales Engagement Platform

$1,600 Seat / Year

(3-seat minimum)

Price includes ALL features of FIND


• Email Templates, Tracking, Notifications, Response Detection

• Personalization Elements, incl. Custom Fields


• Sales Dialer with Bridging or Computer Calling

• Voicemail Drop, Call Recording, Save Calls to CRM

• Local Phone Presence**


• Event-Driven Analytics & Insights (No data entry!)

• Reports Generator (PDF — Daily, Weekly Monthly)

• KPIs, Trends, Messaging Effectiveness Reports


• Lead Routing and Automated Assignment

• Custom Mapping (CRM Fields – 3 Min Sync w/Salesforce)


• Intelligent ToDo Queue

• Prospect Tracking and Management

• Dispositions, Qualification Status

• Integrated, Shared Corporate Calendar

• Complete Activity History for Handoffs to Sales, Customer Service

**Additional Fee applies

Prices inclusive of training + onboarding fee for each seat.

Price for KiteDesk FLOW combines FIND functionality (includes 300 Leads per Month)

Buy with Confidence

Customer Support

Trained customer support staff are available via phone, chat, and email. We’re there whenever you need us.

Onboarding and Training

We prepare your team for success from Day One– included in your purchase. You maximize your investment immediately.

True Innovation

Powerful software from people who have built high-performance software for two decades-plus.

Highly Secure

We take precautions to ensure the security of your data, including all system integrations. KiteDesk Leads to Results.

System Perfomance

KiteDesk runs in the AWS Cloud, accessed through Web browser.   Always up, always available.

Configurable Software

Your own workflow improves, because our software is built around your sales approach. Additive, not restrictive.


Additional Data Always Available

Need more leads added to your package for an extra fee? Easily add data packs, anytime.

More Talk Time, Local Presence

Get as many minutes or local phone numbers as you need for KiteDesk FLOW.

New Add-ons

Coming soon to KiteDesk – International Data (APAC, EMEA)

Our Customers Get Results

See how your organization can benefit from more effective lead generation at the top of your funnel.

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