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KiteDesk Delivers Sales Relationship Data That Soars!

From Maximize Social Business – Craig Jamieson It’s not super often when I write a review of a specific social sales related application and, just to be clear, I have no affiliation with this product whatsoever. I’m reviewing KiteDesk because I have honestly never seen anything quite like it. Read the rest...

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KiteDesk: Add Social Data and CRM Automation to Your Sales Process

This article originally appeared on the Full Contact Web Site – Brad McCarty One of the biggest barriers to CRM use in any company is getting people to actually keep it updated.KiteDesk has an innovative answer to the problem, and it can help you to close more sales in in the process. By pulling in social profile information from the websites you’re already using, KiteDesk gives you a more complete picture of your contacts and then uses its CRM automation to import that data directly into Salesforce. Read More...

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KiteDesk – A Fantastic Tool For Mid-Market And Enterprise Clients

This review originally appeared on the Sales for Life Blog – Jamie Shanks. I want to introduce you to a tool called “KiteDesk” – a client of ours introduced it to us about a month ago. And after meeting the VP of Sales – Sean, he has been fantastic and this tool is poised for huge things in Social Selling. Read More...

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KiteDesk Launches Social Sales Platform (Enabling Salesforce users to access their Email, Social, CRM, Marketing Automation and external data from anywhere on the Web)

Tampa, FL – November 13th, 2013 – KiteDesk announces the release of its browser-based platform for Salesforce® users that combines CRM automation, social selling and sales intelligence. Based on the principle that salespeople should have all business intelligence and social connections at their fingertips, KiteDesk brings the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Apps™ service, Microsoft® Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, and SaaS applications into a single browser window. Its 360-degree view of companies and people dramatically reduces time spent on prospecting and CRM administration while improving employee morale. “KiteDesk sits at the intersection between advances in technology and the evolving requirements in sales and marketing,” stated Jack Kennedy, CEO of KiteDesk.  “Big data, cloud and cutting edge mobile and social technologies have created an abundance of tools. Each of these tools, while incredibly useful, exists in independent applications and in separate contexts. Marketing automation, social selling, relationship capital and the rise in inside sales are pushing for holistic, consistent views of companies and individuals,” Kennedy went on to say. “KiteDesk harnesses these technologies into a single, integrated solution that sits on top of existing SaaS applications to streamline data delivery and deliver unique business insights.” KiteDesk maintains a direct line of communication to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, so leads and contacts can be added directly to the CRM from any website or email.  A recent study by CSO Insights found that sales...

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