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5 Disruptive Social Selling Technologies To Watch Out For… Day #1

This article, written by Jack Kosakowski, originally appeared on LinkedIn This week, I plan to release a series of five posts addressing the high-level question I hear on a daily basis: which social selling technologies actually make sales teams more efficient and create ROI?   I am in touch with most of the social sales technology vendors and can see which technologies have value and which are duds within the first 5 minutes of seeing a demo. Let’s Connect On Twitter!  I Engage 100% Of The Time! -> @jackkosakowski1 Each of the five technologies I have chosen focus on different problems in the sales process, so they do not compete with the other, despite having some overlapping features/benefits.   These selections are based on my own experiences and opinions.  I have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors. Dissect Your Social Sales Gaps First – KILL THE NOISE! My advice to any company looking to invest in sales productivity tools is to start by dissecting your sales process and identifying the gaps. There is a powerful stat released by Docurated stating: “only a third of sales reps’ time is actually spent selling.” That means the other two thirds is wasted on noise. Noise is a productivity killer that MURDERS a company’s bottom line.  It’s the day-to-day stuff like researching contact details, updating the CRM, or missing intelligence altogether because you’re using...

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Matt’s App of the Week: KiteDesk

Often I see a product demo and get excited about the potential it has to accelerate pipeline volume, velocity and/or conversion for companies. It’s a rare day when I see something that literally makes my head explode.

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MarketBridge Announces Strategic Partnership with KiteDesk Sales Enablement Platform

MarketBridge to enhance its Enterprise SMART™ Predictive Customer Analytics with Aggregated Social Media, Demographic, and CRM data SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 9, 2014 – MarketBridge announced today a minority investment and strategic partnership with KiteDesk, a cloud-based sales enablement SaaS provider that integrates customer data from social media, demographic, and CRM systems to improve Sales effectiveness. The partnership expands MarketBridge’s SMART™ predictive customer analytics solution to improve social targeting, lead scoring, sales call optimization, contact cadence, and long-term customer loyalty. The KiteDesk solution enables sales professionals who leverage a big data platform that integrates social media data – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – and related engagement and descriptive data – Gmail, Exchange, SalesForce, – and more.  The result is accelerated prospecting, increased lead conversion, and double digit improvements in revenue per sales rep. The SMART™ and KiteDesk solutions each have proven track records of increasing lead conversion rates, reducing cost-to-sell, and driving overall revenue yield by at least 15%.  The addition of social customer profiling data to MarketBridge’s SMART™ predictive analytics solutions will enable clients to see potentially >25% improvements in the revenue yield of Sales resources. “The future of connected Marketing and Sales is all about leveraging multiple sources of customer data – social media, web footprints, demographics, and transaction history – to provide personalized digital engagement and sales enablement” explains Tim Furey, CEO of MarketBridge.  “Our investment...

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KiteDesk Announces Top 30 Social Sales Professionals

Tampa, FL  – March 19, 2014 – KiteDesk, an intelligent prospecting and social selling platform provider for Salesforce® users, today released a list of the top 30 social sales experts with the greatest online impact.  The study, conducted by influencer & advocacy relations firm Evolve!, Inc., pinpoints the visionaries whose blogs, tweets and commentary provide a playbook for using social media to prospect, cultivate leads and generate sales at scale. The top 30 analysis was inspired by studies that show that — despite B2B buyers completing an estimated 60 percent of the buying process before they even talk to a vendor, according to the Corporate Executive Board — social media use among frontline sales people continues to lag.  Less than half (44 percent) of frontline sales professionals and sales executives use social media for prospecting, monitoring conversations, interacting with customers or gathering sales intelligence, according to a February 2014 social sales survey conducted by Evolve.  Social Selling Expert Jim Keenan reports 72.6 percent of people using social media as part of the sales process outperformed their peers and exceeded quota 23 percent more often. “There is widespread recognition that people using social media as part of the sales process perform better than their peers and make more sales, yet even the best social sales organizations are suffering from low user adoption,” said Sean Burke, chief revenue officer  at KiteDesk. ...

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Leveraging Social in Sales with Kitedesk

This article originally appeared in SteamFeed – written by Sean Smith You are a sales person with a large company. Your day is spent working in your CRM, making calls and looking for opportunities. As you surf the industry mags, online, you see an interesting article about a new company that you know fits in your sales target. You look at the website and then it happens. You think “I wonder if I know anyone at this company, that can help me get my foot in the door?” Before today, you would dive into your CRM, search your cards and databases, maybe even reach into your LinkedIn and other Social channels. No more. Today, you see an icon in the top right corner of you browser that let’s you know that you are connected to someone in this company. You’ve just leveraged your Social in Sales, thanks to Kitedesk. Read More...

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