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Sales Prospecting Software Leader KiteDesk Debuts Two New Products

“KiteDesk bridges the gap between a company’s Marketing Automation platform and their CRM,” said Burke. “It’s an entirely new space for sales organizations, one that integrates marketing thinking around the Ideal Customer you’re targeting. We’re arming sales reps with smart tools to crush top-of-the-funnel growth in semi-automated ways.”

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KiteDesk Doubles Down on Sales Prospecting Audience with Newest Release

New Prospecting Toolbar Enables Instantaneous Sales Lead Generation   TAMPA, FL and SAN DIEGO, CA (November 10, 2015) – KiteDesk, the maker of smart sales prospecting software for sharp salespeople, today announced the availability of new features aimed directly at inside sales teams, including a Prospecting Toolbar, enhanced Call Recording features, and a new Insights Dashboard for tracking all lead generation activity. “We serve the sales professionals who know that fanatical prospecting leads to results,” said Sean Burke, CEO of KiteDesk. “But sales prospecting is hard–even for vendors who sell prospecting software. We’re doubling down on our core strategy at a time when others are withdrawing from the playing field.” The KiteDesk Prospecting Toolbar is automatic, appearing in the user’s browser when a search starts on professional social media sites. Then the prospector simply hits +Add All and an instant Lead List is created within KiteDesk, or pushed directly into a CRM such as Salesforce. “Sales teams that regularly spend hours prospecting—especially on social media sites —just got a turbo-boost,” said Burke. “We’ve engineered  a better way to reduce the time and toil it takes to find the right prospect and engage effectively—KiteDesk just put that goal within grasp.” Additionally, Search on the toolbar provides pinpoint accuracy within site search results. This means that sales prospectors can create and combine unique search parameters for startlingly precise results. The prospector...

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KiteDesk Adds Key SaaS Veterans to Management Team

New CMO, CSO Join Fast-Growing Startup TAMPA, FL and SAN DIEGO, CA ( October 21, 2015) – KiteDesk, creator of smarter sales prospecting software for sharp salespeople, today announced key personnel moves, adding Eric Quanstrom as CMO and Richard Fuller as CSO to the fast-growing startup’s management team. “We’re delighted to have attracted the caliber of leader we’ve added in Eric and Richard,” said Sean Burke, KiteDesk CEO. “They both possess amazing startup chops and more importantly–an intense focus on serving our sales audience.” Quanstrom, most recently CMO for SaaS sales companies Pipeliner CRM and Nimble, brings a wealth of ideas to the newly-created Chief Marketing Officer post. “When I saw what KiteDesk was doing for outbound sales teams–in many cases 2X-5X qualified leads per rep, by creating a better sales prospecting tool than any I’ve seen–I knew I had to jump aboard,” said Quanstrom. The task of building a leading sales team for a company dedicated to helping outbound-driven sales organizations proved an irresistible challenge to Fuller, who has held sales leadership roles with Oracle, TenFold and VersionOne. “Despite being an overused cliche, we are truly drinking our own champagne by using KiteDesk–as our tool really energizes sales, creating more quality leads for each team member,” said Fuller, the company’s new Chief Sales Officer. “I’m really excited for Sales Leaders that have teams using KiteDesk because now they...

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KiteDesk Launches Comprehensive Sales Productivity Suite to Help B2B Organizations Sell More, Faster

Designed Specifically for Busy Sales Professionals, KiteDesk Makes Common Sales Tasks Around Prospecting, Connecting and Closing up to 70 Percent Faster CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – Apr 21, 2015) – KiteDesk, a complete sales productivity suite for busy B2B sales professionals, has launched an expansive new suite of services to help sales teams prospect, connect and sell at unprecedented levels of speed, productivity and success. Backed by more than $4 million in funding from angel investors, the new KiteDesk platform has been receiving rave reviews from beta customers and sales industry leaders alike. The breakthrough platform is launching officially this week at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Leadership Summit in Chicago. “So many critical aspects of successful selling take far too much time, leading some sales professionals to spend as little as 30 percent of their time actively selling,” said Sean Burke, CEO of KiteDesk. “KiteDesk accelerates the velocity of selling by automating, bundling and consolidating key tasks around prospecting, connecting, nurturing and closing deals — all in one platform.” KiteDesk is the first complete productivity tool for B2B sales professionals, cutting through the clutter and distractions to get sales reps back to selling. “You can tell this platform was built for salespeople, by salespeople,” said Jeff Zelaya, head of sales for Triblio. The sales productivity platform features four key areas of productivity: Prospect: B2B sales reps spend...

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5 Disruptive Social Selling Technologies To Watch Out For… Day #1

This article, written by Jack Kosakowski, originally appeared on LinkedIn This week, I plan to release a series of five posts addressing the high-level question I hear on a daily basis: which social selling technologies actually make sales teams more efficient and create ROI?   I am in touch with most of the social sales technology vendors and can see which technologies have value and which are duds within the first 5 minutes of seeing a demo. Let’s Connect On Twitter!  I Engage 100% Of The Time! -> @jackkosakowski1 Each of the five technologies I have chosen focus on different problems in the sales process, so they do not compete with the other, despite having some overlapping features/benefits.   These selections are based on my own experiences and opinions.  I have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors. Dissect Your Social Sales Gaps First – KILL THE NOISE! My advice to any company looking to invest in sales productivity tools is to start by dissecting your sales process and identifying the gaps. There is a powerful stat released by Docurated stating: “only a third of sales reps’ time is actually spent selling.” That means the other two thirds is wasted on noise. Noise is a productivity killer that MURDERS a company’s bottom line.  It’s the day-to-day stuff like researching contact details, updating the CRM, or missing intelligence altogether because you’re using...

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