Stratifyd & KiteDesk FLOW: Massive Increase in Pipeline

“Adopting FLOW changed our entire Go-To-Market,” said Michael Orefice, Director of North American Sales at Stratifyd.

This has led to a massive increase in pipeline created. It’s an enormous business value to us. We’re where we used to be on a monthly basis by the 2nd week of adopting FLOW. We’ve seen an $800,000 increase in pipe and 14 new opportunities in a short amount of time — over 500% improvement.”

522 Productions & KiteDesk: Tangible Value

“We have brought in double-digit new accounts, hundreds of thousands of dollars in value. Without KiteDesk we don’t find those accounts, we don’t make those clients happy, and they don’t even know we exist,” says Justin Brown, VP of Sales at 522 Productions.

“Without KiteDesk we never would’ve found those people in the first place.”

PostUp Uses KiteDesk for Account-Based Prospecting

“At PostUp, we’ve found KiteDesk to be the most effective tool on the market. When you have a proven tool that works, it’s essential to our workflow,” says Pat Asbra, VP of Sales at PostUp

“With KiteDesk, we’ve been able to mine disparate data sources and quickly distill actionable data. Then, we’ve been able to convert those leads into opportunities and revenue. We’re also utilizing as our CRM and doing our Outbound direct. We found simplicity in the workflow that KiteDesk offers.”

How Spot Trender Uses KiteDesk

The Spot Trender team uses KiteDesk regularly to generate new leads for direct-response email, phone calls, and social selling initiatives.

“As our core email list took a week to compile. Now, with KiteDesk, I can do that in less than a day. It’s easily more than a 400% improvement.”

How Triblio Came to Use KiteDesk

“Before we found KiteDesk, we had a lot of challenges,” says Jeff Zelaya, Sales Director at Triblio.

“We were using a hodgepodge of methods to generate leads, but were struggling with wasted time and frustrating data quality that dragged us down. Everything seemed bulky, bloated, time consuming, and manual. Logo

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