Prospecting with Lead Generation Software

Using Lead Generation Software Leads to Superior Revenue Growth—  Learn How You Can Benefit.

Consistently reported among sales leaders, in surveys year-in and year-out, are the challenges associated with consistent, repeatable lead generation.

There are software programs that enable you to automate top-of-the funnel sales prospecting thereby allowing you to target accounts and customers who fit your ideal customer profile.

Traditionally, this process can often take an inordinate amount of time…software enables the most accurate pinpointing of leads and ensures the time you do spend is focused and efficient.

Target: Lead Generation

Lead generation solutions will ease the cumbersome process of filling your sales pipeline by automating the process of locating targeted leads who are most likely to have an interest in your product or service.

Simplified by the software, it lets you start from the broad and focus to the specific. For example, setting search parameters such as geography, title, company size or even “tech stack used” then, scan multiple data sources (each containing millions of contacts) to identify email, social information, direct dial phone numbers, company headquarters data for each new lead. The best of these systems can also get very granular, including email guessing where no data exists, or sleuthing out current news on accounts for trigger-event selling. 

Key Features To Look For

The Best Lead Generation Software Will Have:

  • Lead Builder – Leads Database (Millions)
    • An on-demand approach where leads are available when you need them.
    • Lead-list creator, allowing you to save as many lists and conduct as many searches as you want to match your targeting criteria.
    • A method to create, save and iterate on your target ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
    • Allow you to refine, filter and manage lead data as you require.
  • Lead assignment
    • Distribute to reps, manage distribution, and change ownership.
  • Chrome Extension, Web App
    • Ideally, the best lead generation software would travel with you across the web helping you prospect and generate leads from wherever you go, including:
      • Web sites (such as targeted companies).
      • Social Media platforms (discover many companies or contacts).
      • Web lists (Inc 500, etc)
      • Data hubs (Crunchbase, etc)
  • Search – Data Segmentation / Filtering + Data Enrichment
    • Must have the ability to search and filter lead data with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Should have the ability to upload incomplete data sets and enrich data through information retrieval.
  • Logging, Sync, Integration to CRM
    • Upload leads to your CRM (sync capability)
    • Export leads to CSV, giving you access, and as many ways to use leads as possible.
  • Email Validation (including Email Guessing + Sync)
  • Lead Generation Reporting / Dashboards
  • Team Administration & Onboarding
  • Identify Bad Data
    • You should also have a way to be credited for inaccurate data.
Lead Generation Software Screen Shot
Chrome Browser Extension


Simplify The Process

Using It Will Help You Tame Tedious Administrative Tasks


Lead builders aren’t all alike, and no one has time for software tools that won’t take care of some of the heavy-lifting for you.

An excellent solution will recognize when you’re out on the World Wide Web, on networks like LinkedIn or a targeted company website with an ‘About Us’ page full of potential contacts.  The best solutions will build a targeted lead list quickly and save in an actionable place, then upload automatically into your CRM.

Just as importantly, the best lead generation software will have a user experience geared towards the realities of working those lists often. It’s not just a 1-and-done proposition here. You have to be able to use the on-demand tool every day– among even a large team with clear rules of engagement, no stepping on toes and the ability to identify leads already worked, contacts already in your CRM or change ownership quickly (or in bulk).

Lead generation should be simplified when using the right solutions– which make short work of what would otherwise be data-entry and research nightmares.

Leading sales organizations virtually always have full pipelines of qualified targets. They know their future revenue depends on it.
Lead generation isn’t optional for these achievers–it’s mandatory.

Time is money. The right software means no more wasting time on outdated lists, laborious research, or incorrect targeting.


KiteDesk FIND

As KiteDesk lead generation software epitomizes these requirements. Users consistently rank KiteDesk FIND as the top lead list building tool, providing an indispensable daily resource for sales teams.

FIND is a combination web based application and Chrome browser extension that travels with you across the web. You’ll generate leads online from anywhere. KiteDesk FIND then creates lead lists with validated phone numbers (including direct dials), email addresses, and social media contacts you can use with confidence– all while scanning to ensure you aren’t already working that lead or have that contact already in your CRM.

With KiteDesk FIND, your path to your ideal customers is easier to plot. You can define leads by company size, geographic region, industry, revenue, and more. It can even cut down on the number of gatekeepers you have to contact before reaching the right person.

What are you waiting for?

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