KiteDesk Mission

To provide data-driven software for results driven companies.

KiteDesk Culture

The culture of KiteDesk can be described in three simple but powerful words: Down to Earth.

We humbly embrace our humanity and recognize that egos and arrogance stifle a learning environment. We know that all of our KiteDesk Pilots desire to work with others in a cooperative, non-judgmental environment.

Great things are possible when we work together. We constantly challenge our optimism with pragmatism—a keeping-it-real mentality that is rare in business. As a company we are results driven, not only internally but also externally. We own our clients’ goals as if they are our own, and we work diligently and directly with them to meet them.

Here’s what Down to Earth means to us:

There’s no I in TEAM! (But if you look closely, there’s a little ME in there.)
We’re here to help. Seriously.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
We value contribution. No participation trophies, though…
We admit when we’re wrong. Yeah, like that one time we thought we were mistaken.
We crack jokes…lots of jokes. See above.
We don’t defend our mistakes. We own ’em.
We tell the truth, even when it hurts. (And sometimes it does.)
We are driven to deliver the intended results. Obviously.
We give credit—we don’t take it. (Unless there’s a press conference involved).

KiteDesk Core Values

At the center of KiteDesk’s culture are our core values.
These values keep us focused on what is important while also helping us stay true to our principles when making hiring decisions. We call team members “pilots”—the name for people who fly kites. Each pilot brings to the table:

Individual Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions, and understanding what you do impacts those around you.

Team Collaboration

Working together towards common goals, and helping each other meet personal goals. We understand that we will get further by working as a team through cooperation and a shared vision.


Sustaining an environment where open, honest, and truthful communication is a requirement. At KiteDesk, we recognize that trust can only be built by creating a culture without fear, politics, or personal agendas.


Reaching a solution to a problem in a new, unique or unexpected way. Being creative means you are thinking deeply about how to utilize your skills, experience, and intellect to drive results for our clients in ways they never could have expected.


Embracing being yourself and encouraging team members to have fun in their job and with those around you. ’Nuff said.

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