Smarter sales development.

KiteDesk is sales automation for B2B sales teams. We use the most accurate Internet research technologies and databases to find and capture the best Leads. We’ve designed the easiest ways to consistently follow-up with those leads across multiple channels. The result is predictable pipeline, as customers set more appointments and book more revenue. KiteDesk changes your sales flow for the better, every day.

On a Mission

“If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.”  Ben Franklin

We admire sales professionals for their spirit, tenacity, and their entrepreneurial outlook. KiteDesk’s mission is to help salespeople make the best use of their precious time. We built KiteDesk to provide data-driven results so that hard-working salespeople can find and engage intelligently with the right prospects at the right time. We are guided in this mission by a desire to help sales professionals elevate their skills.
Here’s to the unsung, unrecognized, and underserved heroes of business—the sales force!

Those We Serve

Our Own Ideal Customer Profile

We serve Salespeople.

Our ultimate goal is to drive results for you.  More specifically, we promise to deliver you more leads with less work.  We understand that year in and year out, lead generation is the biggest challenge facing salespeople.  We are committed to solving that challenge by helping you with a smarter way to prospect.

We serve Sales Leaders.

Sale Management, you benefit from the results we deliver for your sales team.  We know that you have to focus on providing forecasts, tweaking sales process issues, helping your sales team close business, and balancing short-term sales with long-term goals.  So, we’ll shoulder the burden of helping your team build top of the funnel pipeline for you.

We serve our Clients.

Our clients want growth—predictable, scalable, growth.  Every day, KiteDesk will help your lead generation team grow smarter about how they spend their precious time prospecting. We know that your marketing automation platform helps you get people to raise their hands, while your CRM helps you monitor the progress of your pipeline. But what you are desperately missing is a platform that manages all of those leads that aren’t quite ready to start the sales process—that is where KiteDesk will become your competitive advantage.  You’ll save money by not having to buy CRM seats that are too expensive for your BDRs, SDRs and Inside Sales team.  With KiteDesk, they have access to millions of leads—ready to go—through a tool that was built specifically for that purpose!


Data-Driven Software for the Results-Driven Enterprise

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