Sales Tech 2017 Report

29% Despite the seemingly unquenchable demand for sales technologies, 71% of companies assess their sales technology as Not at all, Slightly, or only Somewhat Effective in impacting sales success. Only 29% report being Very or Extremely Effective. This is but one of the surprising findings from the newly released Sales Tech 2017 Report. The survey was conducted by Crowd Research Partners in partnership with the sponsors listed below and the 100,000-member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn to reveal the key challenges, solutions, technology choices and investment priorities of today’s sales organizations. Tools and Technology Adoption The Sales Tech 2017 Report...

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5 Ways Customer Service Can Help Sales

5 ways your frontline customer service team can help your salespeople Salespeople rarely look to customer service for input to their work. They rely on direct feedback from their customers, of course, as well as marketing for the results of formal research studies completed to gain insights that they hope will be useful in developing their sales plan and achieving their goals. But in my experience, engaging the customer service team by sales as a regular source of customer and market intelligence doesn’t occur often enough and is not seen as a particularly high priority. Direct feedback from a customer...

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Week’s Best Reading in 10 Minutes (or Less)

Here are some of our favorite articles found on the Web this week. If you think we missed a great article, or if you know of a blog we must check out – add it to the comments below! Women Break The Rules of Selling, Yet Still Outperform Men Wow., using their self-learning conversation analytics engine, recorded, speaker-separated, transcribed and analyzed 30,469 B2B sales calls with some extremely interesting results. From the results themselves to pros weighing in on why – this an all around great read. The debate in the comments is worth checking out too. Thanks for...

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How Many Meetings Should a Kickass SDR Schedule (per month)?

According to Indeed, a search for Sales Development Representative returns 53,506 results. According to the AA-ISP, there are currently over 3.1 million inside sales jobs in the USA. Yet, a simple question like How many meetings should an SDR schedule? returns largely useless  results from Google and nothing recent. It’s a lonely question on Quora, too. Yeah– shockingly little data and treatment for a question that has no doubt crossed the minds of every SDR and each the people that manage them, from Sales Development Managers all the way up to the VP of Sales. SDR Meeting Averages Luckily, we have some decent surveys to...

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