Still undecided if you should incorporate social media into your sales process? You may want to reconsider that position based on research KiteDesk and A Sales Guy Consulting released today.

The Ultimate Sales Guide to Crushing Your Quota

For the last two years, we’ve all been grappling with the noise associated with social media and its applicability in today’s B2B sales environment. So, together with Jim Keenan, we went straight to the source and asked quota-carrying reps and their leadership if social is making an impact.

This three-month study surveyed more than 500 sales professionals that sell B2C, channel and B2B (small, mid, and enterprise accounts). We wanted to see if there was a correlation between social media skills and quota attainment.

The results, to say the least, were surprising!

Some key points from the research:

  1. Sales reps with social media aptitude were 6X more likely to exceed quota
  2. Surprisinglythe top social media tool leveraged by sales reps is not LinkedIn (click here to find out which platform is most utilized in social sales)
  3. Social media has proven itself to be an effective tool throughout all stages in the sales process, not just for prospecting

In addition to the research, we also solicited feedback from 28 sales and social media experts related to the results of this survey. Their comments are included in the report. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Salespeople need to become savvy about how they are showing up online.“ – Alice Heiman, @aliceheimanFounder & Chief Sales Officer, Alice Heiman, LLC.
  2. “Companies jump on the bandwagon without any social strategy. It’s Ready, Fire, Aim. Many companies believe that salespeople should just do their jobs and figure things out on their own. After all, isn’t that why we hired them?“ – Joanne Black, @ReferralSales, Founder, No More Cold Calling, LLC
  3. “One way to use Twitter effectively is to research the buyer to understand what kind of content they like to share, what days and times they tweet the most, and who they engage with the most on Twitter. By only knowing these three social behaviors, you will be able to accelerate the sales process.” – Gabe Villamizar, @gabevillamizar, Social Media Marketing Manager, HireVue, Inc.

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