Author: Eric Quanstrom

Expert Interview Series: Daniel Fantasia of Treeline

Dan Fantasia is the President of Treeline, Inc., where he helps sales leaders hire top sales talent to grow revenue and build best in class sales organizations. Treeline was founded in 2001 to help companies build world-class sales teams. What inspired you to start Treeline, initially? What separates you from the other sales recruiters out there? Executives struggle to hire talented sales professionals. Hiring top sales talent is one of the top priorities and challenges that leaders face, year-after-year. They are in a constant battle to grow revenue and need to consistently recruit strong sales professionals to meet those...

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The Predictable Parts of the Sales Process Model

Bear with us on developing a sales process model… If you ever took a class in fluid dynamics, you encountered the concepts of laminar and turbulent flow. Laminar flow is orderly and predictable. It doesn’t have cross-currents, swirls, or eddies, and it’s easy to predict the rate of the flow. By contrast, turbulent flow is disorderly and less predictable. It’s rough, contains cross-currents and possibly whirlpools, and it’s harder to know what’s happening. Imagine a lazy river on a summer day (laminar flow), versus, say, Niagara Falls (turbulent flow). When it comes to your sales pipeline, while you might...

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Expert Interview Series: Gretchen Gordon of Braveheart Sales Performance On Common Sales Problems And How To Avoid Them

  Gretchen is an award-winning Sales Management blogger who specializes in solving sales problems for clients. She is the President of Braveheart Sales Performance.   You’ve talked about how a sales team can’t solve the needs of an individual until they are understood. To start, what are some ways that you determine what an individual’s needs are, so you can best solve them? The best way to uncover individual needs is to engage with prospects and ask thought-provoking questions that help to not only uncover but also understand the issues that face them. This seems obvious and very basic,...

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The Commercial Consequence of Empowered Buyers

When Abraham Lincoln said, “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present,” he was talking about the Civil War, but those words apply to innumerable situations, including sales. What you sell is as important as it ever was, but how your sales development creates the customer experience is increasingly crucial. You have to target specific customers at exactly the right time – and learn to anticipate what matters most to them. It’s not easy. Sales development is as much about how you sell as what you sell. The sales development team must continually improve their...

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Is a Predictable Pipeline Real?

Predictability is the quality of being likely to happen. In general, we like it when life is predictable: when our morning coffee tastes like we expect it to taste, when work tasks fall in line with what we expect, and when our interactions with others don’t surprise or unbalance us. Is predictability even possible when it comes to the sales pipeline? It absolutely is, when you don’t confuse predictability with 100% accuracy about the future, and when you’re willing to put in the work that assists with sales pipeline predictability. Think about it this way. Even the most skeptical...

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