Peter Drucker


Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.”

— Peter Drucker




High-performing salespeople are disciplined and use their time effectively. Implementing structure and organization around your time and activities will put you on a productive path to success in sales. Here are 9 on-point tips for crazy-busy sales reps.

1. Determine the revenue-generating hours …

    • When are your prospects available? Block off that prime time on your calendar!
    • Match your working hours to your prospects and to your markets.
    • Not all buyers and markets work 8 – 5 … get to know their schedules.
    • Test out different hours.
    • Moreover, start earlier, work later, and work weekends.

You’ll see results and leapfrog the competition!

Calendar drawing

2. Schedule time for prospecting, demos, advancing and closing deals …

    • Spend more time with prospects, qualified leads, and referrals that will generate maximum ROI for you and your company.
    • Spend your prime time wisely building rapport, trust, and advancing deals.

3. Score, prioritize, and cluster tasks and activities for greater efficiency …

    • Develop a rhythm and get in a groove.
    • For example, make calls for a few hours; then send follow up emails during another block of time.

The wrong accounts

4. Do NOT spend too much time with the wrong accounts …

    • Determine the value of each account and qualify at every sales stage.
    • CRM daily views of contacts and accounts should include last-activity-date columns.

5. Spend less time on non-revenue generating activities that cost you opportunities

    • Save non-urgent activities, such as administrative tasks and internal operations, for non-revenue generating hours.
    • Ask yourself 3 questions on to-do decisions:

1) When will the activity matter?

2) How important is it?

3) How long will it matter?

  6. Create email templates for lead generation scenarios and for every stage of a prospect’s buying cycle …

    • Include fill-in-the-blank sections for quick personalization.

7. Institute a cloud-based alphabetized filing system that is backed up and synchronized across all your devices.

    • Scan paper documents … don’t save unnecessary documents.

Celebrate - Jump for joy

8. Quickly celebrate both small and large wins to keep the momentum going …

    • When you schedule an appointment with a valuable prospect, immediately pick up the phone for the next call.
    • When you close a deal, rapidly call the next contact in an end-sales stage.

9. Set specific weekly, monthly, and quarterly objectives -and determine tasks to complete them …

    • Put your goals in writing, and monitor your progress.
    • Focus your energy, see results and accomplish your goals.


Photo credits – Edu LautonAustin Schmid