KiteDesk Web App

KiteDesk Web App gives you a consolidated view of the information you keep in your favorite online services. Just log in to KiteDesk using one of your existing accounts and then connect the rest. KiteDesk will securely integrate the content from the services you use to manage your files, messages, contacts and more and present them to you in a fun and easy to use application.

Launcher: Your information, organized and integrated

Launcher is a simple way to access the various parts and settings of KiteDesk.

KiteDesk Launcher


Streams: Quickly Navigate Everything to See the Cloud like Never Before

KiteDesk interconnects all the data from all of your accounts. Click on any person, address or day and see all of the related data. Streams are automatically created, on the fly, to show you connections and relationships that are impossible to see across your multiple cloud accounts and services.

Build your own custom Streams. Create Streams by domain name, user, tags, search words and more. Do you have an important customer of person in your life with whom you want to see all of your interactions? Build a Stream just for them and always stay up to date.

KiteDesk Streams


Messages: The best mail client merged with your social inbox

KiteDesk uses your existing Mail & Social Accounts to manage your Messages, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks from all of your accounts in one easy to use Window. KiteDesk gives you an easy to use web mail experience you will love.

KiteDesk Messages


People: Everyone, up to date with relationship history

KiteDesk pulls contacts from all of your accounts to make it easy for you to communicate and share with anyone, without boundaries. You can even search across accounts to find the people you are looking for without logging in to separate applications.

Click on a person to see all of their contact information at a glance, along with their Personal Stream: recent emails you’ve exchanged, their recent tweets and FaceBook posts, as well as changes made to files you both share.

KiteDesk People


Files: Create, Manage, Search, and Share

KiteDesk’s integrated file manager makes it easy to create, search, and share files on any of your accounts. KiteDesk looks and feels like an operating system in your Browser. You can drag and drop files, copy and paste, rename and control access and permissions. Type in a search to find files and documents no matter where they are stored, and quickly sort and filter the file list.

KiteDesk Files


Events: Personal, Professional, Social in one view

KiteDesk pulls your Calendar Appointments and Events from all of your connected accounts, and shows them all into one Calendar. Keep your personal, professional, and social engagements organized, easily create new Events. And of course the search works across all your calendars on all your accounts.

KiteDesk Events


Easily manage your Cloud Accounts

Account management is straightforward. Add your GMail, Dropbox, Twitter and Facebook accounts once, and KiteDesk does the rest.

KiteDesk Accounts