With KiteDesk, we give you 12 different criteria that you can use to find leads. From Company Name to Metro Location and just about everything in between – our easy to use tool can cut your prospecting time by up to 95%

No one data provider has current information about every company and contact. KiteDesk has partnered with the best data providers to give you access to the most powerful and complete lead database in the world.

KiteDesk goes beyond basic firmographic and demographic information and enriches our leads with information like social links, relationship status & more…

Prospect From LinkedIn or Any Website

Whether you are viewing a news clipping, an executive bio, or someone’s LinkedIn page, now you can get a complete profile of any person or company including their contact details and add them to Salesforce with one click.

With a single click you can automatically import the people and companies you view in KiteDesk into Salesforce as Accounts, Contacts or Leads.

Automatically Add To Salesforce

With a single click you can automatically import the people and companies you view in KiteDesk into Salesforce as Accounts, Contacts or Leads


KiteDesk pre-fills all of the fields for you. No need to type.


Demographic, Firmographic, Social, it’s all there. In one place.


Custom Types, Industries, Lead Sources. No Problem, KiteDesk uses your custom information.

Get Connected

KiteDesk mines the contacts and relationships from your entire organization and applies an advanced algorithm to determine the strongest connections to increase your sales productivity.

  • Your Company Has Thousands of Untapped Connections
  • Quickly Find the Strongest Path
  • Advanced Connection Scoring Goes Far Beyond LinkedIn
    • Communication Frequency
    • Previous Meetings
    • Number of Social Networks
    • Past Employment
    • Much More…

KiteDesk makes it easy to find the best path to a prospect and send and track requests for introduction.


KiteDesk’s opt in team connect program makes it fun, easy, and free to enable your entire organization to link their email, social, LinkedIn & CRM accounts to power your social selling strategy.

Watch your company’s pool of connections grow quickly and see who tops the leader board.

Salesforce Access EVERYWHERE

No more switching back to Salesforce and searching to find what you need. KiteDesk lets you view and edit everything in Salesforce from any website, your email, anywhere.


Always know the size and state of your opportunities & update them quickly inline.


Keep yourself and the rest of the team up to date by recording and viewing important notes.


Who has placed calls, what is the next step? Reminders, calls & tasks keep the process moving.

KiteDesk improves Pipeline visitability, performance and management by increasing CRM compliance while reducing time spent.


Keeping Salesforce up to date can be a time consuming process. Remembering to record communications or taking 5 clicks to update each opportunity is not where you want to spend your time.

KiteDesk lets you update all of your opportunities at the same time, and automatically detects emails to leads and contacts and syncs them to Salesforce.

Customizations Welcome

Almost every organization adds their own custom fields to Salesforce and they want to use those fields when the edit or create information in KiteDesk. We make it easy for an administrator to configure which fields are visible and editable and even let you set default values.

Using our CRM Overrides capability administrators can have fine grained control over which of the fields from Salesforce are included in the KiteDesk user interface.

  • Customize Creation and Edit
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • More…
  • Add and Remove Fields
  • Change the Order That Fields Appear
  • Set Default Values for Any Field
  • Supports Your Salesforce Rules


Events happen every day that drive sales opportunities. Whether it’s an existing customer who changes jobs or news & events that indicate a likely purchasing behavior, KiteDesk alerts teams to the opportunity to drive timely action and results.