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Top 100 Social Selling Influencers

When researching the social sales industry, we discovered an outstanding group of sales professionals whose innovative ideas and approaches to prospecting and cultivating relationships with customers and prospects demonstrate how to use social media and sales intelligence to effectively drive sales at scale.

At KiteDesk, we are dedicated to distilling the overabundance of online and enterprise data and connections available into actionable sales intelligence, delivered within an integrated, browser-based social sales and CRM automation platform.  By listening to and following these social selling experts, our knowledge of the space continues to evolve and enhance our product roadmap.

The ranking – based on an Evolve!, Inc. analysis of the online impact of more than 500 of the most knowledgeable, most influential, and most social sales experts — identifies 100 sales and marketing professionals, trainers, software vendors, consultants and industry analysts whose posts, tweets and commentary provide a playbook for using sales intelligence and social selling capabilities to close business at scale.

The research was compiled using a broad range of influencer discovery and engagement tools to identify the top social selling thought leaders, including Traackr, Little Bird, Group High, Google and a collection of top sales and marketing lists identified by insiders.  All candidates were carefully vetted for their topical expertise, categorized based on crowdsourced endorsements and scored based on measures such as social footprint, popularity among and citations by industry insiders, retweet frequency and related factors. Weights were assigned to each factor to pinpoint the top 100 social sales experts.

Here we shine the spotlight on the top 30 social sales professionals.


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Topping the list are LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton, Insidesales founder and CEO Ken Krogue, and social sales powerhouse Jill Rowley, who today announced the launch of her new consultancy Jill Rowley.  All these thought leaders have clearly mastered both the art and the science of using social media and sales intelligence to generate leads, nurture prospects and close business.

Remarkably, while all of the top 30 have sales experience under their belts and several run their own sales and marketing consultancies, only Mark Roberge and Tibor Shanto are currently employed as sales people.  We hope that by shining the spotlight on the ways these sales experts use social media to cultivate relationships and close business, we’ll inspire today’s salesforce to follow their example.

An alphabetical listing of 70 social sales experts rounds out the top 100 list, below.

Follow the top 100 social sales thought leaders on Twitter with a single click. Their tweets provide a roadmap for using social networks to find, listen, relate, connect, and engage with sales prospects.

We will release a second ranked list of marketers who are social selling experts shortly.

Of course, our ranking is not the final word on the subject but rather the beginning of a discussion.  Who do you believe belongs on the list?  What role will social play in your company’s sales strategy?  Please share your thoughts.


Twitter Handle
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer
Ardath Albee
Marketing Interactions
Augie Ray
American Express
Becky Carroll
Brian Clark
Founder & CEO
Copyblogger Media
Brian Halligan
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst
Altimeter Group
Brian Vellmure
CEO & Founder
Initium LLC
Chad Levitt
Account Executive
Live Accounts
Charlene Li
Altimeter Group
Cheryl Burgess
Blue Focus Marketing
Chris Anderson
3D Robotics
Christopher Penn
Vice President
SHIFT Communications
Danny Brown
Darren Rowse
Owner, Editor
David Armano
Global Strategy Director
Edleman Digital
David Meerman Scott
Speaker, Author
Freshspot Marketing
Derek Halpern
Founder, CEO
Social Triggers, Inc.
Dharmesh Shah
Founder, CTO
Ekaterina Walter
Co-founder & CMO
Elinor Stutz
CEO, Speaker & Author
Smooth Sale
Eric T. Tung
Social Media Manager
BMC Software
Evan Charmichael
Evan Charmichael
Frank Eliason
Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO & Co-founder
Geoffrey James Columnist
Geoffrey James LLC
Gerry Moran
Senior Director
Greg Alexander
Sales Benchmark Index
Ian Brodie
Marketing Coach
Rainmaker Academy
Jason Fried
Co-founder & CEO
Jason Miller
Senior Manager
Jay Baer
Convince & Convert
Jeffrey Hayzlett
The Hayzlette Group
Jeffrey L. Cohen
Managing Editor
Jeremiah Owyang
Crowd Companies
Joe Chernov
Vice President
Joe Pulizzi
Content Marketing Inst.
John Cousineau
Innovative Information
John Wall
Marketing Over Coffee
Jon Miller
Vice President
Jonathan Becher
Joseph Jaffe
Founder & Partner
Jaffe, LLC
Laura Fitton
Inbound Marketing Evangelist
Mack Collier
Marketing Strategist
Mack Collier
Mari Smith
Speaker & Consultant
Mari Smith
Mark Schaefer
Executive Director
Schaeffer Marketing
Mark Suster
General Partner
UpFront Ventures
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Little Bird
Matt Cutts
Distinguished Engineer
Meghan M. Biro
CEO & Founder
Michael Brenner
Vice President Marketing
Michael Brito
Group Director
Michael Lazerow
Lazerow Ventures
Mike Volpe
Pam Moore
CEO & Founder
Marketing Nutz
Rand Fishkin
CEO & Founder
Robert M. Caruso
Founder & CEO
Social Resolve
Rod Brooks
PEMCO Insurance
Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Scott Stratten
Seth Godin
Shelly Kramer
CEO & Head Geek
Kramer & Company
Steve Rubel
Chief Content Strategist
Ted Rubin
Acting CMO
Brand Innovators
Timothy Hughes
Business Development Director
Tom Martin
Converse Digital
Vala Afshar
CMO, Extreme Networks
Vanessa DiMauro
CEO & Managing Partner
Leader Networks
Warren Whitlock
Carbon Digits
Integrated Alliances
Wendy S Lea
Executive Chairman
Get Satisfaction


  • Koka Sexton

    It’s an honor to be included with so many influencial people in the world of sales. Thank you KiteDesk.

    • Sean Burke

      Koka. You are welcome. Congratulations! Evolve did a great job following a very strict methodology for measuring influence. Your reach is amazing. Can’t imagine how many people you have helped grow their business. That would be a great stat to see.

      • Koka Sexton

        Any chance I can see the data? This was a very well executed campaign by Kitedesk. Great work.

        • Sean Burke

          Let me circle with Evolve! on this Koka – they did the research. I’ll ping you soon.

  • Dante Cook

    Get the Social Sharing buttons above the fold!!!!!!!! I wanted to share this 2 minutes before I did – Awesome Work

    • Sean Burke

      Dante – I love it – we are working on the social selling icons right now! Thanks for the 411. Glad you like the list.

    • Sean Burke

      Done – thanks for the heads up

  • aliceheiman

    Great list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sean Burke

      Alice – you are welcome. Glad you appreciate the list. It’s great to have all these great minds in one place.

  • Matt Heinz

    Wow, honored to be among such great company that I’m learning from on a daily basis. Plus some great new people I’m now following starting today. Thanks again for pulling this list together!

    • Sean Burke

      Matt. You are welcome. It will be great to meet you soon. I’m thinking about having a dinner with all the list members – you in?

      • Matt Heinz

        Yes, that would be fun!

        • Sean Burke

          OK – stay tuned…I’ll see what we can pull together.

  • trishbertuzzi

    First, thanks for the inclusion. Second, I follow most of these folks but not all. Now, thanks to you, with one click I do. Awesome!

    • Sean Burke

      Trish –

  • Sean Burke

    Any special shout outs to the women in your community?

  • tiborshanto

    It’s an honour to be included with
    such great company. Thank you!

    • Sean Burke

      Tibor. You are welcome. Your proactive prospecting is spot on…congrats!

  • Craig Elias

    One of my favorite social selling strategies is to use LinkedIn’s saved search feature to know when those in my network of 17,500+ 1st degree connections gets a new job and now meets the criteria of my ideal target market.

    Decision makers who are new in their role are up to 10 times more likely to become your customer than a person who has been in their role for a year or more.

    Remember to reach out now because a few months from now may be to late.

    For example DiscoverOrg’s recent survey of IT executives, who were new in their role, showed that:
    • 75% started 3 or more initiatives within a year– only 3% did not start any initiatives
    • 42% spent at least $500,000 on new initiatives within their first 3 months
    • 80% of those who would spend $1Mil or more on new initiatives did so within 3 months of starting their new job

    To capitalize on the all the opportunities that a single job change brings, I suggest you:
    • Follow your prospect to their new position – don’t wait for them to contact you
    • Find out where the person they replaced went and call them too
    • Contact the person who replaced your prospect at their previous position
    • Find out where the person who took your prospect’s job came from because that company now has a vacancy and whoever fills that position will be new in their role and is now up to 10X more likely to become your customer.

    If you follow the job changes of just 100 people and then follow up with all the related job changes that follow you’ll have 270 high value leads within just 12 months! Do this for 24 months and you’ll have 972 high value leads.

    Feel free to call my cell phone (+1.403.874.2998) if you want to brainstorm ways you can apply this to your own selling efforts.

    Craig Elias
    Creator of Trigger Event Selling

    • Sean Burke

      Craig. Thanks for the tips! Congratulations on being one of the Top Social Selling Influencers!

  • Jon Ferrara

    I am gratful and honored to be counted amongst these wonderful #SocialSelling Teachers and to count many of them as dear friends. If all that you do is follow them and listen to their words it’d be an education and a blessing

    • Sean Burke

      Jon – congratulations! You are a true CRM Innovator. Social Selling would not be where it is today without Nimble.

  • Jenna Dobkin

    We used a handful of influencer discovery and engagement tools to identify 500+ social sales evangelists, whom we vetted to ensure they regularly write or talk about social sales and related topics.

    Then we researched a broad range of social indicators, including their Klout scores, number of Twitter followers, Alexa scores of the most popular, on-topic blogging platform they regularly contribute to, and Little Bird insider scores, among others. Weights were assigned to each factor to rank the top 100 social sales experts.

    We decided to shine the spotlight on the salespeople pioneering social selling from the insideout and applied a final screen to derive the top 30 social salespeople.

    • Cheryl Burgess

      Jenna and Sean,

      WOW! I can’t thank you enough for including me on this list. Social Selling and Social Marketing is about selling from the inside out, as you so stated. Brands cannot communicate externally unless they first communicate internally.

      Hope you both have a wonderful weekend because you’ve just made mine :-)



      • Sean Burke

        Cheryl – Congratulations! I’m going to sleep well this weekend. This list has created a lot of interest. We will be in touch soon. Love to talk more with you ref: Social Selling, etc.

  • vdimauro

    Thank you for including me. What an esteemed group. Am honored. Lets keep the fires of social selling lit!

    • Sean Burke

      Venessa – congratulations! I’d love to talk with you ref: keeping the fires of social selling lit!

      • vdimauro

        Yes, let’s talk. Looking forward to it.

  • Julio Viskovich

    This is seriously the best group and list of people I’ve seen! I owe so much of my own development to so many of these people and both honored to be included with them and by kitedesk!

    • Sean Burke

      Julio – we’ve talked about setting up a KiteDesk group for the influencers. I’ll explain it more when we talk.

  • Timothy Hughes

    Honoured to be part of the group and I’ve only just launched my Social Selling blog too… @Timothy_hughes

    • Sean Burke

      Congratulations Timothy! We will be sure to check out your new Social Selling Blog.

  • Amanda L. Nelson

    Amazing list! Congrats to all the very talent people here. Well deserved.

    • Sean Burke

      Thank you Amanda. A lot of work, research and discussion went into putting this together. Stay tuned – there will be subsequent announcements.

  • PamMktgNut

    Thank you so much for the inclusion. Honored to be among so many people who I have learned from and who inspire me daily!

    • Sean Burke

      Pam – congratulations! You don’t live far from me. KiteDesk is based in Tampa. We should meet sometime. Tristan Bishop and I did a podcast together a couple weeks back and I know he lives in ORL – maybe the three of us should plan something? This list has created a lot of conversation for sure.

  • Kurt Shaver

    Thanks for this great list of Influencers. 10 of the Top 30 have been guests on my Social Selling Superstars podcast or monthly webinars. This list will make finding future guests easy. The only question I have is – Where’s Barb Giamanco? I’ve learned a lot from her.

    • Sean Burke

      Kurt – congratulations on your inclusion on our list! The list is a ranking of influence – which has a lot to do with reach. Evolve! put the list together for us, so they can address your question about Barb. To learn more about the methodology – you can learn more here –

      • Jenna Dobkin

        Hi, Kurt, We’re big fans of Barb’s as well. She ranks among the top 140 online social sales influencers.

        • Barbara Giamanco

          Thanks Kurt and Jenna. I was a little surprised not to see my name for many reasons but to say anything more would surely be perceived as sour grapes. Can’t win ’em all.

  • Philip Verghese Ariel

    O My Goodness Great List Here!!!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Need to check it out all
    Have a Happy Weekend

    • Sean Burke

      Thanks for checking out the list. If you want to follow all the members on twitter, we have created a one-click method to do that – just click on the link in the post – and that will guide you to the twitter list.

  • Eric T. Tung

    Thanks for the inclusion! Amazed to be included amongst so many great thought leaders!

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